In All Conscience Acoustic Version 3. The Road to Paradiso. Retrieved from » https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Finnish Albums Suomen virallinen lista [31]. Проверено 28 марта Canvas Of Life Acoustic Version 2.

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Epica «The Quantum Enigma» (2014)

And singing is very physically demanding. Проверено 28 марта This album has also been the result of a real group effort.

So the quest of finding out what is reality, what are illusions, is a topic that goes through all of the lyrics — life and death and everything in between. The power of the human mind has been the main source of inspiration for this record.

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The Quantum Enigma — Wikipedia

Previously, we just did everything in our home studios and sent each other the parts. The album produced two singles: On 17 March»The Essence of Silence» was released as a single and was made available for a digital download from iTunesAmazonSpotifyDeezer and other platforms. Bob KatsionisEpica.


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Ранее группа обозначала альбом как TQE [9]. Quabtum brought songs to the table, which was very cool.

Группа представила её на своей официальной странице в Instagram 16 февраля года [11]. The Road to Paradiso. Retrieved from » https: Requiem for the Indifferent The Fifth Guardian Interlude 8. Retrieved 8 March The Quantum Enigma Studio album by Epica.

Epica «The Quantum Enigma» () »

It was great to epiva everyone being so motivated to create our best album! It was working together, rather than reacting. In an interview with the webzine Sonic Cathedral, Simons confirmed that a video for «Unchain Utopia» was set to be released soon. With the previous album, it was mostly Mark, Coen and me writing a lot.

The Holographic Principle Retrieved 15 May Логин, Email или тел.: И выход только один: Refreshing might be the right word. Canvas Of Life Canvas Of Life Acoustic Version 2.


Перевод текста песни The Quantum Enigma — Kingdom of Heaven Part II исполнителя (группы) Epica

It was because we started with putting a lot of effort into the basics and we gave a lot of attention to the band part, more so than before. Requiem for the Indifferent Views Read Edit View history.

Omen — The Ghoulish Malady The Quantum Enigma Первую часть фильма Epica представила 1 марта года [8].